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I’m not for Everyone. Neither Are You. – David Leddick

I'm Not For Everyone. David LeddickMy Rating: 10 /10
Title: I’m Not for Everyone. Neither Are You. (Amazon Link)
Author: David Leddick

I didn’t know what to expect going into this book. It popped up as a $2.80 special on my kindle recommendations, and for some reason I impulse bought it. Usually I only read books that I have heard someone describe and recommend. Not for this one though.

When I sat down I was only planning to spend 15 minutes to start this book, but I ended up reading the whole thing in a several hour sitting. A unique, concise, and deliberate collection of the insights and lessons of David Leddick’s life.

David Leddick has been a lot of things. He directed the Joffrey Ballet School. He managed Revlon’s marketing campaigns for 40 years. He directed TV shows in France. And he is also a landowner on three continents.

If there was one word to describe this book, it would be: style. If I had a second word it would be: unexpected.

If you have read a book that was unexpected I would love to hear about it. Why not leave a comment below?

– Stephen

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